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The Party

It’s early morning at the shelter & most dogs are still in bed They are conserving their energy for the big New Year party tonight.

Spot the dog behind the fence.

Some of the community dogs have come up early & are queueing up outside.

Molly has just had a word with Tommy about the snacks & nibbles for the big party tonight Tommy is having a panic because he forgot to get them

Molly won’t be happy

He is asking a hound friend if he can nip down the market without her noticing.

FAW is wondering what to wear to the big bash tonight Snowy has already decided on the red collar, when you are white you can wear most anything well

FAW is wondering if he should wear the dickie bow tie or go au naturel

Tyson is absolutely thrilled to hear that he is getting out of medical today as his injuries are completely healed & his eye drop treatment has ended

He’s secretly wondering if the big party for New Year is actually a celebration just for him

Awww new girl Poppy has just been asked if she would like to be escorted to the party

Poppy is from out of town & is thrilled to have made such a lot of new friends

We’re happy for her too, well done Poppy

Rescue donkey Delilah has just caught wind of this New Year party and isn’t impressed

She moved in to the donkey house to winter quite recently after hearing it was a quiet neighbourhood (apart from the barking)

Rescue donkey Eve is staying out of town getting the break in her ankle fixed

She is being well looked after at the university hospital but is missing Delilah & Rocco & can’t wait to get back home

Rescue donkey Rocco is dead excited, he is just a baby & doesn’t know what a party is, but he thinks it must be fun, because everything at the shelter is

Happy days!

It’s dinner time at the shelter but nobody is that interested

Dash has told them about party food

He used to sleep in a shop doorway so he knows all about savoury snacks & nibbles

The babies have just been fed & are getting tucked in for the night

They are bonny & growing quickly from mewing tiny tots to plump puppies

Life is good

Poppy & her friends have been so excited all day long waiting for the big event

Poppy has been trying various camera poses & dances with her girlfriends

She is planning on doing a barktok live later

The guests are starting to arrive

Bear is always front of house, meeting & greeting visitors

He will make sure that everyone knows where the feeding & drinking troughs are located & make sure everyone feels welcome

Sophie & Cara are going to the party unchaperoned

Georgie has told them to steer clear of Casanova Hope who has a dreadful reputation with the ladies

The girls have promised to do as mum asks

But, is Cara crossing her paws

Betty is a lovely girl but she doesn’t take any nonsense from anyone

She has heard that New Year parties can get out of hand

She will be watching & will step in at the first sign of trouble, she knows some dogs just can’t handle their Woofandbrew

Frankie is looking drop dead gorgeous in his winter coat and he knows it

He has spread out a Turkish rug for two & is aiming to woo the new poodle mix from Konya

He knows he is punching above his weight but you can’t blame a bloke for trying

It’s all kicking off at the bungalow

Despite being told to avoid Hope & his philandering ways, Cara was found behind a hut with him!

Ahmed & the girls dragged her back home to the bungalow & are attempting to settle her down

Oh the shame of it all!

It’s the morning after the night before

The breakfast cart is rumbling along but most of the dogs are still in bed

Some didn’t quite get there

Shelter gossip Peggy was the dog who caught Cara & hope behind a hut last night at the party!

Buddy just ran in to her & is in a mood.

He has been besotted since he met Cara

He knew he didn’t stand a chance with her now, not after Hope had dazzled her with his shiny coat & tall stature

The residents of Pink Road are starting to stir

They thoroughly enjoyed themselves last night

Although Sasha is concerned because she has a vague recollection of racing around in someone else’s wheels while howling at the moon

Georgie & her family are getting ready for their morning walk

Georgie is dreading facing the pack, she knows they have been gossiping about her Cara

Meanwhile, Ahmed & Cara are still falling out about her indiscretion.

Could things get any worse at the bungalow?

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