Tommy has just woken up & is using his most flexible ear to zoom in on a kerfuffle

It seems to be coming from the clinic

He can hear Nilufer giving out instructions & she has a clipboard & pen in her hand

What can be going on?

George is feeling discombobulated

The breakfast cart is trundling along between the kitchen and town square but it’s not Nilufer pushing it

She is busy with her clipboard & pen

George isn’t a dog who likes change, it bothers him

He will need to find out what is going on

Alfred is totally unfazed by the change in routine at the shelter

He has been through so much in his life he has learnt to roll with the punches

He doesn’t care who is pushing the breakfast cart as long as it arrives

George is getting more & more anxious & has refused his breakfast

His buddy Uhtred has barked up to River, head of aerial surveillance

Her crack team of rooftop guard dogs don’t miss a thing.

They can see for miles & miles

Before River has time to put in her report new mum Kinga is on the case

She didn’t survive the mean streets of Lapseki & several poorly chosen romantic partners without learning a thing or two

She left the kids to play while she investigated

It wasn’t long before Kinga worked it out

A bit like Chinese whispers news travelled from Kinga in maternity block down to medical at lightning speed

Nana whispered in her friends ear “It’s play on your scooter day, pass it on”

By the time the news hit motherless #puppy block the little ones were in a frenzy

They were so excited, whizzing about everywhere in delight

They had no idea what a scooter was but it sure sounded like fun!

Bear is the shelter meet & greet person.

He is always front of house

He has a friendly disposition & always knows how to make a visitor feel welcome

He was positively run off his paws this morning with such a large number of important guests & needed forty winks

News of the visitors has reached town square, everyone is crowding around River Except Eliza She is hoping that the nice lady who made an enquiry about her but didn’t come back has returned

She is crossing her paws & making her best wish ever

News has reached Poppy, Albie & Snowy Albie is convinced that the visitor is Simon Cowell wanting to set up Turkey’s Dogs Got Talent

Albie thinks Simon has seen the New Years Eve barktok Poppy did with her friends Albie could see fame & fortune beckoning

The disabled residents could hear Albie chatter excitedly about his hopes of leaving the shelter for the bright lights of Hollywood

There was a moment of sadness as they remembered Priscilla’s days as a puppy in the Turkish State Canine Ballet before she got distemper

News reached puppy kindergarten where Frank was rostered for babysitting

He was getting the terrier pups ready for an advanced digging class

No way was today a play on a scooter day.

They must mean learn the computer day. So he passed it on.

Rocco liked the sound of a learn the computer day

He never knew his father & his mum refuses to answer his questions

Rocco can see the pain in her eyes when he presses her so he stopped.

If he could learn the computer he could join Ancestry & find his father

Stanley had been in the office with Nilufer all day.

He knew exactly what was going on & decided, quite rightly to put the dogs right They raced toward him It wasn’t ride a scooter day

It wasn’t learn the computer day

It was spay & neuter day

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