The Talent Spotter

River had given the gatekeeper dogs a shrill alarm bark.

It had started the hound puppies off. They were howling in an unmelodious manner forcing their howling teacher Tyson to put his face in his paws.

Nilufer had arrived in an unrecognised van & she had someone with her.

Everyone was keen to see this mysterious person Nilufer was with.

The fence around Town Square was tightly packed with motionless dogs sniffing the air to catch a scent, eyes darting left to right.

Some of the dogs on babysitting duty climbed on top of the nursery kennels.

Naturally, one of the hounds was first to catch the scent.

It danced around his nostrils as he processed the information.

He could smell a human adult in good health, male in good spirits.

But most of all he could smell treats in his pockets.

Meanwhile at the bungalow Cara was full stretch at the gate & it wasn’t even time to go out yet.

She had been “difficult” ever since the incident with Hope on New Years Eve.

Ahmed was mortified that his sister was literally throwing herself at the shelter Casanova.

Georgie stared off in the distance deep in thought.

She was out of her depth with her wayward teenager.

Ahmed & her other girls were so sensible.

She decided to pay Kinga a visit in maternity after breakfast Kinga is the proud mother of 27 (3 litters) she would know what to do.

Nilufer was giving the mysterious visitor a tour of the shelter.

They paused at Zac’s kennel.

He listened hard, his concentration wavered with each waft of peanut butter & liver coming from the visitor’s pocket.

He heard something about talent & passed it on to the next kennel

Georgie had just left Kinga’s kennel.

Kinga enjoyed the company, she loves her pups but they do annoy her. There are so many of them!

She listened to her friend & pondered.

There was only one thing that could be done. They would have to find Hope a home!

Hope knew that Georgie wasn’t happy with him but he didn’t care.

Aside from Poppy with her long legs & almond shaped eyes Cara was the best looking dog in the shelter.

There was no way he was going to stop pursuing her & just to make that clear he stuck his tongue out at Georgie.

News about the mysterious visitor had made its way from Pit Bull Lane to Maternity.

The GSD mum knew a bit more about humans than some of the dogs as she once had a family & a TV.

The twins said he was a talent spotter but she felt she had seen him somewhere before.

News about the talent spotter spread like wildfire.

The dogs were discussing their skills with each other & getting ready to impress!

Poppy quickly jumped in the shower & doused herself in Pet Head to dampen down the smell of parasite products.

FAW was in a flap & looking for Ayla.

Everybody had grown their winter coats & there was no getting away from it. FAW’s made him look bigger than he really was.

His anxiety kicked in & his ears flattened.

Poor thing made his way to a hut, head down.

Poppy’s coat was dry now, she had puffed it up & preened & she was feeling good.

She thought if the talent spotter was looking for a body double for a bear she would ace it paws down.

Billy was feeling confident He was due a visit to Nilufer’s Hair & Nails but gave her the slip TWICE.

It was too cold for a haircut now, all that could be done was a fringe trim If that wasn’t talent he didn’t know what was.

Just as the mysterious visitor turned the corner in to Pink Road Milo sprang in to action (no pun intended)

He started making little clicking noises as he reared up on his hind legs bouncing along while his friends barked “Skippy the bush kangaroo”

Back at Town Square one of the abandoned #dogs tilted her head as she processed the sound the mysterious stranger was making.

She recognised him But, surely it couldn’t be ……. To Be Continued

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