While our projects focus on finding homes for dogs in the country of origin, there may occasionally be a dog looking for a home in the UK. Such events will be few and far between.

Adopting a dog is a huge commitment which will last for the entirety of a dogs life. Because of this our adoption process is very thorough. Please don’t be daunted by it. We are very friendly & approachable & are just doing our best to match you and your new best friend. We want to lay strong foundations which will set you both on a happy journey through life together.

Once your application is received, if successful, we will contact you to arrange a call so that we can discuss the application with you.

Following that a home check will be arranged.

Your dog will have seen our vet before they come to you & have been screened for disease prior to travel. Your dog will be spayed or neutered and vaccinated. We ask that you keep vaccinations up to date and see your vet at least once a year for a health check & boosters.

If your dog has any medical conditions you will be made aware of that prior to adoption. Costs incurred with treating any condition will be your responsibility. We strongly recommend health insurance.

You must update your dogs microchip details when your dog arrives. Should you no longer be able to care for your dog they must be returned to our care. You must not irresponsibly part with your dog for any reason.

A dog may behave in a manner which is unusual for them when in a new environment. We will offer you advice for as long as you need it post adoption.

All dogs need exercise, you will be expected to walk your dog a minimum of 2 short walks a day. Depending on the size, age & ability of your dog longer walks may be required.

We encourage adopters to join a training class. Your dog will learn skills in an environment with other dogs & you might make some new friends too!

We are a non profit making organisation which seeks to improve the lives of homeless dogs. We are not in the business of selling dogs. When a home is sought for a dog, the costs associated with supporting that dog will have been significant. We fundraise for these costs & do not pass them on to our dogs new guardians. We do however ask for a donation from you.

If we have any dogs looking for a home you can find them here

Adoption Application