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Parasites cause no end of misery for our dogs. You may have seen Florence arrive with infected & bleeding advanced mange. Or read about the havoc caused by a tick or mosquito bite. Poor Morris really went through the wringer when a couple of bug bites gave him life threatening & lifelong medical conditions.

Fleas. worms & mites plague the dogs in the same way as they do our domestic pets. The dogs are also at the mercy of nasty biting flies, disease carriers whose bites infect the dogs transmitting disease wherever they can while feasting on the wounds they create with their mouthparts. Flystrike & botfly larvae are the things nightmares are made of & a major part of our annual parasite defence programme.

While treating so many dogs regularly is a costly exercise we believe that it is cost effective in the long-term as the costs of treating disease transmitted by these bugs is by far more expensive.

It is also in the dogs best interests to keep them bug free so that they do not have to tolerate itchy skin or other miserable consequences of parasitic infection.

#BugClub works in the same way as all our clubs. We ask a lot of people to give the dogs very little. We are advocates of micro philanthropy. Asking for a minimum commitment of just £2 a month is sustainable for most of us. If you are able to offer the dogs more, please do we will be incredibly grateful & so will they!

If you fully sponsor a dog you can rest assured that your dog is already funded & fully protected. However, if you would like to help one of the hundreds of dogs without sponsors you are very welcome to help them with a contribution to #BugClub.

The total figure includes defences against disease or larvae transmission from flies at the shelter.

The table below shows financials for Bug Club, the numbers can go up as well as down due to expired & declined cards.

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