Dog Desk Animal Action Broadcasts

The fabulous Professor Claudio Sillero, THE canid expert & founder of The Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme, dropped by for a chat. Claudio talks to us about the Ethiopian Wolf, a little known endangered canid living in a very unique environment.

Dog Desk Animal Action Directors Michelle & Dale get together for a shelter catch up. They talk about the steep learning curve they have had, how the good outweighs the bad, the daily challenges & the shelter launch party.

Dog Desk Animal Action Director Dale steps behind the microphone & chats to Rae from The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund. We ask her how rabbits should be cared for, where folks should go if they are wanting to add a rabbit to their family, are there any concerns about rabbit breeding & so much more.

Michelle talks to lawyer, educator & thoroughly decent chap Gavin Ridley about banned breed legislation. What exactly is it, what consequences does it have for dogs & their families & has it achieved what it set out to do?

Michelle chats to Romana Bhatti from Tod’s Welfare Society an NGO dedicated to improving the lives of homeless dogs in Lahore Pakistan

Michelle sits on the other side of the microphone today while Dog Desk Animal Action CIC director Dale asks her about the shelter & clinic project in Turkey

Sheryl Fink IFAW’s Seal Super Hero zooms in to talk to Michelle about the commercial seal hunt in Canada. Michelle asks Sheryl why it’s still happening.

Marc Bekoff zooms in for a chat, we get talking about morality & I ask Marc if he thinks our dogs are capable of making moral judgements.

Shirley Lack from The Wombat Protection Society joins us for a good old natter about one of my fave animals the wombat

Nicky Campbell BAFTA winning TV & Radio presenter, Sunday Times Bestselling author, musician, songwriter & dog loving family man zooms in for a chat about his book One Of The Family.

Back in lockdown Nicky’s book One Of The Family was released in hardback format. A Sunday Times Bestseller it explores belonging & identity. An incredibly honest & powerful memoir that, despite it being a very personal account of one adopted person’s journey through life it will resonate with so many of us for so many reasons.

Now out in paperback format I would urge you to buy a copy, grab a cuppa & a slice of cake, find a comfy chair & a snuggly dog, sit back & get lost in a thoroughly good read.

Nicky & I chat about adoption, identity, mental health, I share my story, we talk about dogs & film & the natural world.

Billie Groom expert in canine CBT from Upward Dogology pops in for a chat

We care very much about dogs that are put to sleep for behavioural problems & worry for the folks who are forced in to making that dreadful decision when they have exhausted all avenues. So, we want to dive in a bit deeper, we want to know why the industry is failing these dogs & their people. And, we want to know why we have never found a trainer that can give us exactly what we are looking for despite their very best efforts. That is, until we found Billie, what makes Upward Dogology stand out & why is it that in decades of living with dogs Billie is the first trainer who gives us hope that finally we have found what we are looking for.

Please hop over to Billie’s website to find out more about her work. You can find her here