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Zero Tolerance Policy

Dog Desk Animal Action Zero Tolerance Policy


Dog Desk Animal Action CIC (the organisation) is a social enterprise functioning with two directors, one translator and seven volunteers.

The organisation conducts its affairs from a physical office, fairs & similar & social media.

This zero-tolerance policy exists to tackle abuse, both physical & verbal against the organisations directors, translator & volunteers.


The following behaviours are considered unacceptable.

Displays of violent temper

Hostile or aggressive behaviour

Threats of any kind including threats of death & bodily harm


Brandishing an object that could be used as a weapon.

Raised voices.

Intimidating behaviour

Name calling

Racist or misogynistic remarks

Ageist remarks

Insults regarding appearance

Sexual slurs

Malicious allegations

Harassment via electronic devices


This list is not exhaustive. Any behaviour which causes distress to a team member or director will not be tolerated.


Behaviour classed as unacceptable within this policy will be investigated. Once investigated action will be taken.

Where physical injury or threats to safety & stalking have been made the police will be contacted for investigation.

Malicious allegations & harassment via electronic devices will be referred to the organisations solicitor & legal action taken where necessary.

The organisation reserves the right to block a user on social media, email, messaging apps or website permanently.

This policy applies to organisations, institutions & individuals the organisation is supporting in addition to the public.

In the case of organisations, institutions & individuals the organisation is supporting, a breach of this policy will result in the organisations support being withdrawn immediately without notice.

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