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These are the faces of dogs who have had their ears hacked off illegally in Turkey.

Despite ear cropping being an offence it is rife, particularly among Kangals & shepherd breed mixes.

Historically shepherds have removed ears from livestock guardian breeds to protect them from being used as vantage points for wolves attempting to access sheep. However, we are reliably informed by many shepherd associations in countries where wolves & bears are prevalent that cropping is not necessary. Predators can be successfully deterred by adequate & well maintained electric fencing & a pack of livestock guardian dogs with their ears intact. There are very few direct contact encounters between dog & predator, as neither wish to risk the damage such a meeting would inflict.

Ear cropping is also a common practice among dog fighting rings. It is assumed that in addition to providing a vantage point during an organised fight, the absence of ears make a dog look aggressive. There is absolutely no excuse even worth a second thought in this respect.

Sometimes we are told by offenders that cropping makes the dog hear better. There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Despite the practice being illegal it is rife. We have stories of children with litters of puppies cutting ears off with scissors. They see parents doing it & follow that example.

Dogs are not sedated, implements (household scissors or knives) are not sterilised. The procedure is extremely painful, the healing process dogged with pain & high infection risk.

We have an educational campaign that we are taking to communities. Written in Turkish & distributed within communities by a Turkish animal advocate, it will be resisted strongly by some & listened to by others. There is no change without effort.

*TRIGGER WARNING* Graphic Images

You may remember a high profile case almost a decade ago. Images of 2 men were circulating on social media.

Allegedly, the men were part of a dog fighting ring.

The men were arrested & tried for the crime. However they did not receive custodial sentences. Instead they were handed down fines of 4000TL, equivalent to approximately £116 / 135 euro / 148 USD / 227 AUD

Most perpetrators are never found.

We would like to encourage those who have the power in Turkey to make decisions regarding animal welfare & animal welfare crime to come down harder on these thugs. Custodial sentences, higher fines and the support of animal welfare messages in country which condemn ear cropping crime.

Will you help us?

Will you add your voice to our pleas for an end to ear cropping?

Please read the following email & if you are satisfied with it’s contents please add your name via the box below.


TO: Deputy Minister Of Interior Ali Yerlikaya, Minister Of Agriculture & Forestry Mr Ibrahim Yumakli

Dear Honourable Sirs,

The outdated and cruel practice of ear cropping is still readily practised in most provinces despite it being an illegal activity.

Dogs are not sedated while this wicked act is carried out in unsanitary conditions using household scissors and knives. The dogs suffer a great deal of distress and pain. Often the injured tissue becomes infected causing further suffering to the dog as outlawed by regulation.

Often, the dogs who fall victim to this crime are part of organised or casual dog fighting rings, a highly illegal occupation.

When perpetrators of the crime of ear cropping are brought to justice they receive small fines. This does nothing to deter the crime.

We would urge you to consider the legal framework which polices this activity and consider increasing sentencing guidelines.

Thank you in advance for your conscientious attention to this matter



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