Kibble Club is a newly launched programme which replaces the old shelter food club (if you are a food club member you are automatically a member of Kibble Club)

Kibble Club members are micro philanthropists who donate a minimum of £2 a month to feed homeless dogs & dogs living in poverty under our care.

It costs an average of £10 to feed one dog for a month.

The figures below are gross not net & updated throughout the month. Numbers can go down as well as up due to expired cards not being updated.

Amount InDateMember NumberAmount Needed

Food Assistance

Dog Desk Animal Action believes that families should stay together. Temporary hardship should never be a reason for a dog or cat to be surrendered to rescue.

When life throws you a curve ball and you find yourself dealing with a situation which temporarily alters our financial status we are here for you.

Dog Desk Animal Action can help you in the short-term so that your family remains together.

If you need help please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Rescue Organisations

If you are a rescue organisation in need of help please fill out the contact form below.

We are currently at our maximum capacity but will gladly place you on a waiting list.