Below are just a few of the hundreds of dogs under our care. None of these dogs have regular food support, many do not have names.

If you would like to make a donation to help us provide food for them we would be very grateful. It costs £10 a month to feed one dog.

If you would like to sponsor a dog please see further down the page.

Please select the monthly option & message us with the number of the dog you wish to support & a name for them if they do not have one.


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Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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We currently have more than 850 dogs under our care in the southwest of Turkey. The cost of caring for a pack this large is expensive.

While it is possible to find good homes for some dogs in Turkey, we find that it is mostly the younger dogs who are chosen.

A large percentage of our dogs are overlooked & remain with us for long periods of time, sometimes until they reach the end of their lives.

A percentage of our dogs are banned breeds whose ownership cannot be transferred out of our hands.

There are also a number of disabled dogs who have not been chosen by suitable families. They require extra care such as bladder expression, help with mobility & incontinence issues. These dogs are incredibly difficult to place in country.

We are a tiny organisation relying on the kindness of the public to help us meet the needs of the dogs.

When you sponsor a dog you are supporting their day to day needs.

Important things to know

Your sponsorship helps the dog you have chosen. You may find yourself sharing a dog if you decide to quarter or half sponsor. Several of our dogs have more than one person looking after them. Sometimes great friendships develop between joint sponsors.

Ideally we would like a dog to have a sponsor for as long as possible but we understand that circumstances change. If you begin a sponsorship & wish to discontinue you may cancel at any time. If you need help with this we are here to guide you.

Should your dog find a home or pass away we will contact you right away before making the event public.

We update as often as we can but please remember that it is not possible to update on demand. We apologise for this but we do not have the resources available to us.

Most of our dogs are highly sociable as are all the dogs above but please remember that the shelter is free roaming & the pack consists of more than 850 dogs. Shelter staff try very hard to get pictures of as many different dogs as possible but make no guarantee that your dog will be seen regularly.

Our dogs are mostly street born living in a pack environment. They will not sit & stay for picture perfect moments & even on the rare occasions they do you can be sure that someone else will photobomb them or get a tail in front of their face just as the camera clicks. Please also remember that shelter staff are not photographers. Their primary role is to maintain hygiene in the shelter & the dogs health. They prioritise this at all times. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

If you have questions please get in touch by email

Thank you for your interest in our work & for wanting to help dogs in need

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When choosing Paypal to set up your monthly adoption please remember to tick the “monthly” box thank you. If you would like to set your monthly payment up in Euro’s or USD please contact us to arrange

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