We are getting our walking boots on & our running shoes out this summer.
It’s time to get active, clock up those miles & steps & raise some
funds for our clinic.

Every week dogs come in needing urgent medical care, if we can’t give it to
them they will die a slow, painful death. Our clinic is a vital component in
the battle to improve futures for vulnerable dogs.

Come & join us, click the link in the graphic to get signed up!


When You #MoveItForDogs You Get An Exclusive Medal When Your Challenge Has Been Achieved

We Need You

Our shelter in Turkey is home to more than 572 dogs with new dogs in need
arriving every week.

Our dogs have either been born on the street or cruelly abandoned to fend
for themselves by their owners.

Many dogs are brought to us because they have been moved on by
municipalities who dump them in remote areas such as forests and rubbish dumps.
Without food or water they die quickly.

Other dogs living with us have been at risk from shooting, drowning, beating
to death, poisoning & being run over on purpose.

Our shelter has purpose built accommodation for the dogs and a much needed
onsite clinic.

We are a safe haven for these dogs who have nobody else. Without us they
would die.

We rely entirely on the kindness of supporters to maintain the shelter which
operates hand to mouth.

We are asking you to raise funds for our clinic so that we can treat the
dogs which come in needing surgeries and other medical care.


Will You Move It For Dogs?

You can walk, run, take some steps, do some press ups or any other activity
you choose and ask your friends to sponsor you.

Create your fundraiser by clicking I Want To Move It For Dogs in the image below.

To support Move It For Dogs click on the image of the heart & hands.

Create Your Own Fundraiser

Stay Safe

Your safety is of paramount importance, please consider this before
embarking on your activity and plan well in advance.

Don’t push yourself, if those 1000 steps a day I mentioned in the video are
enough for you don’t increase that activity level.

Make sure somebody knows exactly where you are walking & when you are
expected home, preferably walk with a group in a populated area.

Always carry your phone, take a bottle of water & a snack & wear

Do not walk with headphones, avoid hilly & remote areas as you might
lose your phone signal.

Avoid using the same routes at the same time each day, vary your walks &
consider taking an alarm with you for added safety.

If your dog is walking with you, keep them on a lead around livestock &
don’t forget to take plenty of poop bags with you.

Keep Track Of Your Progress

Keep track of your daily miles or steps by downloading a walking app.

There are many to choose from, lots of them are free with different
features. Have a google & find one that is right for you.

Please remember not to publish your routes to social media platforms or
anywhere else publicly for your safety. You may send evidence to us once your
challenge has been completed.