Pet Food Bank

Dog Desk Animal Action believes that pets are family & vital to our emotional well being. In times of crisis our pets should be offered the same consideration as any other family member.

It is vital that pets remain with their families during these times of crisis, pet owners should not be forced into offering their pets up to rescue for short term financial reasons as doing so will cause immense emotional distress to the pets family or owner. 

That is why we set up Dog Desk Animal Action Pet Food Bank.

You can apply to access our service if you are a pet owner & are experiencing temporary financial hardship due to any of the following

Loss of income
Death of a partner
Loss of a partner due to matters unrelated to death or divorce
Illness or injury
Natural disaster

We can support you in the short term by providing your pet with up to 4 weeks species & age appropriate nutrition.

Please fill out the form below & we will get back to you shortly.

You can be assured that we will never reveal your identity or that of your companion animal at any time. Our service is entirely confidential.