Honey 21/11/2022

She had been run over, had pyometra & necrotising fascilitis.

Star 29/10/22

Pamuk 12/09/2022

Pamuk came under our care as the shelter project opened. He was suffering from nasal, oral and sinus tumours and had problems with his teeth.

Our vet operated to improve Pamuk’s dentition and removed the tumours. Sadly, they returned.

Pamuk went to the clinic for hospice care under veterinarian supervision. His condition deteriorated today 12/09/2022, he was helped to the bridge.

George 28/08/2022

George had a difficult life until our rescuer took him under her care. Assumed a bait dog George lost a leg & part of his tail when another dog ripped them off.

He survived this traumatic event and the surgery which followed.

Despite losing his leg he was a strong, confident dog who loved to play and chase with even the biggest and strongest of the dogs at the shelter.

He lived the last chapter of his life in safety and security. He had good food, fresh drinking water, good health care, the company of good friends and plenty of love. Sadly a tumour ended his life.

He found a family when he was adopted virtually, they gave him a name & their hearts.

We were honoured to know George, he will be greatly missed at the shelter & by all that knew him.

Rest in peace George until we meet again.

A young dog & her puppies poisoned & thrown in a skip

We have called mum Polly, her life mattered.

Rest in peace sweet girl & your babies, we are sorry we didn’t find you in time.



Hamish was a victim of sexual assault, he died from his injuries 2022. He died with a name, with dignity surrounded by people who cared about him. He had a sponsor & was deeply loved by the Dog Desk family.