Our dogs need help!

The Dogs Need A Roof

The shelter & clinic project is something the global dog loving community should be incredibly proud of.

An empty space with a few buildings has been transformed by Dog Desk Animal Action supporters in to a beautiful home for sick, disabled & vulnerable homeless dogs.

The dogs have everything they need. They are not confined to concrete cells or small spaces. They can roam freely, have huts for shelter, fresh drinking water & plenty of food. Medical care is available onsite & regular health checks & preventative treatments keep everybody healthy.

BUT, we desperately need a roof as soon as possible so that the dogs have some protection from harsh winter weather.

A huge area stretching from the existing roof segment to the private kennel block needs covering as does an area behind the existing segment. A massive area.

This is our biggest challenge yet.

We need to raise £20,000 as quickly as we can.

Any donation big or small will be gratefully received. If you have an idea for a fundraiser please let us know.