If you have ever seen a companion animal treated in a less than desirable way, or in a situation which makes you feel uncomfortable, but no law has been broken, you need to raise awareness.

Often the guardians of the animals in a less than desirable situation have no idea that they are doing something that could have a negative impact on the animal. People only know what they know right? What is obvious to you & I isn’t always obvious to other people.

We have found that sending information in a non-shaming way has the most beneficial impact. So, we create simple posters, public service announcements & social media cards for folks to share.

You are welcome to use the material on this page to raise & spread awareness, please do not remove our logo & do not use them for commercial purposes as our license does not allow this. If you are a broadcaster please get in touch to order a psa for your station, platform or podcast. We do not make a charge for this service. Please use the contact us form at the bottom of the page.


Chaining a dog outside is not something that most of us would do but did you know that it is perfectly legal to do so in the UK & many other countries?

Chaining has a massively negative impact on a dog for many reasons, including the following

  • Provokes aggressive behaviour as the dog is unable to move away from anything that they find worrying
  • Forces them to urinate & defecate in the same space as they eat
  • Exposes them to extreme weather conditions
  • Injuries & even death can occur as the dog attempts to free itself
  • Dogs are sociable animals, keeping a dog on a chain impacts negatively on their mental health
  • Increased risk of getting sick
  • Dogs on chains bark a lot, this can trigger complaints in the community which adversely affect the dog
  • Lunging & pulling on the chain can cause damage to the dog