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World Rabies Day

Being A Responsible Dog Owner #GetItRight

Welcoming a dog in to your life is a huge commitment which will last for many years. It’s so important to get it right. If you don’t it will have consequences for you, your dog & possibly people around you.

The above video touches on pitfalls that may occur before you even meet your new canine family member.

Sadly there are unscrupulous people who see puppies as currency. Puppy farmers who keep dogs in dreadful conditions with low welfare standards. Breeders who dodge the rules with no care for the pup other than the money you will give them for it.

Please do your homework & buy from a reputable breeder or consider adoption instead.

We put together a few things that we, as dog guardians feel it important to know before you take the plunge & add a dog to your family. We hope you will find them useful.

Please feel free to download.


Chaining a dog outside is not something that most of us would do but did you know that it is perfectly legal to do so in the UK & many other countries?

Chaining has a massively negative impact on a dog for many reasons, including the following


  1. Off lead dogs will notice wildlife much faster than humans. They will chase them down. Even the best behaved dog is highly likely to engage in this behaviour as prey drive kicks in. Our dogs can fatally injure or kill a wild animal easily.
  2. Ground nesting birds will leave the nest in the presence of our dogs. Even if our dogs do not interfere with the eggs constant spells off the nest will result in failed incubation & hatching.
  3. In the presence of our dogs ground nesting birds will give an alarm call. This call may attract other predators to the eggs even when our dogs do not destroy them.
  4. Seals will haul out to sea in a panic in the presence of a dog. They will rip their skin & damage their fins as they flee. There have also been instances of tombstoning. Seals have been known to throw themselves off cliffs in blind panic. They sustain life threatening injuries as they are dashed against the rocks, some die before they hit the water.
  5. Female seals will leave pups on the shore while they hunt for fish. If our scent mingles with that of the seal pup abandonment & death is likely. Seals rely on scent to recognise their young.
  6. Wildlife chooses to use spaces because the habitat is ideal for them to thrive. Our negative interactions with wildlife will render the habitat unsuitable. Therefore having a negative impact on biodiversity.
  7. It is important to keep our distance when watching wildlife. Getting too close to a wild animal can result in injury to ourselves in some cases. The wild animal can be labelled as aggressive & killed by authorities if they become fearful of us & attempt to defend themselves.

Helping Your New Family Member Settle In

How does a dog go from living on the streets to living in your home?

Can you imagine how confusing our world might be for them. Below are some PDF slides which remind us of some of the things they might need a bit of help with.

The Cost Of Living Crisis

As the cost of living bites many people are struggling to meet the needs of their dogs. We have a few money saving tips below. You may find some of them helpful.

If you find that the only way through financial hardship is to surrender your dog please reach out to a rescue organisation. Please avoid online selling sites at all costs.

You can reach out to us too using the contact form on the home page.

Sheep Worrying

Sheep worrying is said to be on the rise (Rural Insurance Group), possibly fuelled by an increased dog population due to pandemic puppies.

If you are, or know of a first time dog parent please make them aware of the resources below.

Spay & Neuter

Spay & neuter is the most proactive way to support rescue.

There are millions of homeless dogs living on our planet. They lead short difficult lives. Please support spay & neuter initiatives whenever you can.

Combined with educational outreach it is the only way to stop suffering.

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