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Spay & Neuter

We believe that every dog has the right to the five freedoms irrespective of where they are born.

In many countries dogs find themselves abandoned due to human conflict, policy decisions & poverty

Life is extremely difficult for these dogs who are forced to live on the streets. Many lack the skills needed to survive.

Many lives are lost to disease, road traffic accidents & harassment from humans. Puppy mortality is very high. Life is short & difficult.

In many countries dog guardians do not understand the importance of sterilisation. With every km taken outside of the cities you step further back in time to areas often remote & isolated where poverty reigns. In some areas people still rely on horse & cart, are forced to live in housing that is less than ideal & are suspicious of new ideas. It is in these areas that help is needed the most. Just one mating & all the pups born over a six year period has the potential to produce 60,000 puppies. Populations get out of control very quickly.

Many dogs unfortunate enough to be born in these circumstances are the focus of international rescue work. While we applaud these much needed efforts we do not see rescue as a viable solution to the over population problem. It is absolutely vital that populations are controlled via spay & neuter & education.

Spay & neuter is at the heart of our clinic project in Turkey.

Please help us to spay & neuter stray dog populations, reducing population reduces suffering & lifts a little of the burden from rescue organisations.

A spay in our clinic in Turkey costs £33.0, please help us if you can. It is the most proactive way to help dogs & rescue organisations.


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These pictures are from a spay & neuter event at Sibiu in Transylvania which we funded for our friends ASNI, 100 dogs & some cats were sterilised over a three day period. Some homeless, some living in poverty. The cost of these surgeries was £1900, a full grant was given.

Just a few of the many hundreds of homeless dogs sterilised at our clinic project in Turkey

Spay & Neuter Club

Another micro philantrophy initiative. A donation of £2 per month which is less than a coffee will allow us to spay dogs & cats & prevent thousands of homeless animals being born in to street suffering.

Just one mating & all the offspring as a result of that mating over a 6 year period can result in as many as 60,000 stray dogs & cats being born.

Your £2 a month is an incredibly proactive way to support animal welfare.

The numbers below update on the 1st of each month & can go down as well as up due to expired & delclined cards.

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