We are inviting gamers to stream for us!

We need to raise funds for food to see our dogs through the winter & we would love your help.

We have hundreds of dogs under our care, all vulnerable animals seeking sanctuary in the shelter.

The food bill amounts to thousands of pounds each month. We rely entirely on the kindness of the dog loving public to help us meet these costs.

You may already be a gamer who livestreams regularly but if you aren’t its easy to get set up. Please see the links further down the page, they will help you get ready for your first livestream.

Choose a date for your livestream, a goal and a platform. Set your streaming challenge. This could be gaming for a set number of hours (be aware of screen time limits for health please) or completing a target in a set time. You may be able to think of other challenges yourself.

Create your fundraiser here

Let all your friends know & ask them to sponsor you.

Use our graphic for social media & the hashtag #PlayForDogs

Playstation on Twitch or Youtube

Xbox with Twitch

Computer with OBS

There are some legal rules surrounding livestreams such as music usage, filming people without their consent, behaving in a manner which will not cause offence. The platform you use will have strict rules which you must read & follow. Make sure that the content you are using can be used under “fair use” to avoid copyright infringements. Do not download or distribute your stream please.


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Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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