Move It For Dogs 2023

We believe that every dog has the right to the five freedoms irrespective of where they are born.

In many countries dogs find themselves abandoned due to human conflict, policy decisions & poverty

Life is extremely difficult for these dogs who are forced to live on the streets. Many lack the skills needed to survive. 

Many lives are lost to disease, road traffic accidents & harassment from humans. Puppy mortality is very high. Life is short & difficult.

Many dogs unfortunate enough to be born in these circumstances are the focus of international rescue work. While we applaud these much needed efforts we do not see rescue as a viable solution to the over population problem. It is absolutely vital that populations are controlled via spay & neuter & education.

Throughout 2023 we are asking folks to get walking for dogs in in Turkey.

We are partnering with our trusted friends in an effort to spay & neuter as many homeless dogs as we can.

We are asking folks to pull together & walk the distance between Dog Desk Animal Action HQ in Ashbourne Derbyshire to Turkey

Please note that t-shirts are only available once you have raised £50 & can only be sent once to each person trekking. Multiple treks will only qualify for one t-shirt.

Our Journey

Ashbourne – Northampton 72 miles – COMPLETED

Northampton – Luton 37 miles – COMPLETED

Luton – Dover 103 miles – COMPLETED

Dover – Calais 29 miles – COMPLETED

Calais – Cologne 246 miles – COMPLETED

Cologne – Frankfurt 108 miles – TAKEN

Frankfurt – Nuremburg 130 miles – COMPLETED

Nuremberg – Vienna 292 miles – 24 miles = 268 miles

Vienna – Budapest 150 miles

Budapest – Belgrade 218 miles – TAKEN

Belgrade – Sofia 262 miles

Sofia – Haskovo 140 miles – TAKEN

Haskovo – Kesan 129 miles

Kesan – Lapseki 75 miles – TAKEN

Lapseki – Aydin 254 miles – COMPLETED

Aydin – Afyonkarahisar 192 miles

Afyonkarahisar – Ankara 162 miles

Ankara – Bilecik 186 miles

Bilecik – Lapseki 202 miles – COMPLETED

Why Spay and Neuter?

It is well accepted that just one mating and all the offspring over a six year period has the potential to produce in excess of 60,000 unwanted puppies.

Many of those puppies will not survive long as they are exposed to danger the second they are born. Disease, hunger, loss of their mother, traffic & human harassment all pose great risks to the pups.

Those which survive face a tough life on the streets where only the strongest survive.

It is not a good life.

We hope you will join us either by walking to cover some of those miles for us, by donating or sharing our fundraiser.


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A Small Selection Of The Dogs in Recovery Following Surgery

Being Collected Or Returned to their feeding areas and caretakers.

The semi feral dogs were gently sedated to make their experience as stress free as possible.