We all love our dogs. They have zoomed up the pecking order in households throughout the UK, no longer pets or companion animals. They are family, without anthropomorphising we relate to them in the same way we do our children.

Most households not only ensure that their furry family members have their basic needs met, they ensure that family dogs have hobbies, mental stimulation, play dates with their doggy friends, share family holidays, engage in family celebrations & so much more. And only the best will do, we have the best stocked toy boxes, the softest blankets & all the latest gadgets that enhance their quality of life.

This is a stark contrast to the lives led by stray dogs who are born in countries where they are the casualties of displacement due to human conflict or other forms of abandonment.

These dogs are cared for by some kind humans who feed them, they are mostly tolerated & ignored by others but for many they are reviled & harrassed by humans.

They are at the mercy of disease & injury, starvation, exposure to the elements, beatings & posioning. Their lives are often short & difficult.

Puppies born to stray mothers face these same risks from the moment they are born. Some are left to fend for themselves from a very early age when their mothers are killed. Puppies in these situations do not last long, they have no skills to look after themselves & they succumb to death quickly.

UK rescue do an amazing job collaborating with in country rescuers to rescue, rehabilitate & rehome as many of these vulnerable dogs as possible. But without population reduction their efforts will always be ongoing. It’s a bit like sticking a plaster on a gushing wound that will never heal.

One mating & all the puppies born over a six year period has the potential to produce more than 60,000 stray dogs. sterilisation is the most powerful tool we have to reduce the suffering.

Spay & neuter campaigns seldom attract much public support which is worrying considering how important they are in reducing suffering.

All the dogs on our wall of kindness have either stepped up to make monthly pledges to feed or sterilise abandoned dogs in need.


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