Wildfire is ripping through villages in the community with three badly hit as I type. People & livestock have been evacuated, but not the dogs.

Nilufer has been out searching for stray dogs & has taken LGD’s & hunters dogs under the protection of the shelter in addition to community dogs.

They will need to be fed.

Please contribute, we cannot bring these dogs to safety only to have them starve. Your help is needed urgently.

You can donate using the following links


https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/dogdeskanimalaction – Pounds

https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=JDUTF56QXFH84 – euros

https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=U8HSYLBU7Q2KY – Dollars



Food Store


Click on the google translate pop up in your toolbar, it will be on the right hand side as you look at the screen. This will translate in to English for you.

Choose dry dog foods from the menu on your screen

Make your selection & add to basket

Your basket will show in the top right hand corner of your screen as you look at it. Click the basket

Click complete order from the drop down menu

Click complete order on the next screen

On the next screen, fill out your name, email & phone number.

Click pay to complete your purchase.

The food you have selected will be delivered directly to the shelter.

Bank Transfer

Lloyds Bank

Account Name Dog Desk Animal Action CIC

Sort Code 30-98-97

Account Number 24854263

Swift Code / BIC LOYDGB21031

IBAN GB28LOYD30989724854263

Credit Tekin Uğurlu facebook
Credit Tekin Uğurlu
Credit Tekin Uğurlu
Credit Tekin Uğurlu
Credit Tekin Uğurlu
Credit Tekin Uğurlu

19th July – Nilufer & Sonner have completed the evacuation. 46 dogs are our guests at the shelter, no fatalities were found.

It has been a difficult few days. The images we have been sent are devastating. Sheep, cows, goats & wild boar unable to escape the fire perished in the most terrible way.

We have no idea of knowing how many animals perished. Our hearts break when we think of the wildlife that has been lost.

People have lost their homes, they are displaced left floundering with no idea what the future holds. People who kindly care for the community dogs.

Team Turkey are battered and bruised from days of evacuation, sleep deprived and traumatised they battled on to save the dogs.

How much more suffering must a country take?