Dog Desk Animal Action CIC is a social enterprise, our registration number is 13111301

Social enterprises are not charities but they exist to support communities & seek solutions to social issues.

We do not make profits, we are 100% volunteer run, nobody gets a wage, nobody claims expenses & we are asset locked. Companion animals & their people & homeless cats & dogs at home & overseas benefit from everything we do & every penny we generate.

At home we seek to keep companion animals with their families & support people who find themselves in financial difficulties which affect their ability to care for their cat or dog. They may not be able to feed them, vaccinate them or give them the medical care they need.

Spay & neuter is incredibly important to us. We advocate for it in the UK & help with funding the procedure when funds allow. We have a spay & neuter club to fund overseas sterilisations which is where the procedure is needed the most. Homeless dog populations live short & miserable often lonely lives.

We partner with a Turkish NGO & have a shelter on the coast with a maximum capacity for 1,400 dogs in need. As long as we have a kennel no dog is turned away & we have a no kill policy. We have an on site clinic for those all important spay & neuter procedures, minor ops & medical care.

We feed dogs too. When people in the UK find themselves in difficult financial circumstances they can turn to us for help. We are also able to donate food to our rescue friends in the UK & assist with food donations overseas in crisis situations.

Finding solutions to social concerns in communities often involves education. Our programmes are delivered via our magazine & broadcasts. Talks can be arranged.

Our work isn’t limited & we will respond to new difficult situations that vulnerable dogs & cats & dogs & cats living in poverty find themselves in.

We publish a monthly magazine, free for members. Sales from the magazine support our work. It is written by director Michelle Robertson who does not charge a fee for creating it. Guest articles feature from time to time, these are submitted by their authors in the spirit of community without charge.

We have a broadcasting platform which is hosted by Michelle Robertson who makes no charge for her work.

Our registered address is 44 Thorpe View, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 1SY


Phone Mobile: 07485119055 Office: 03338802487