Ayse has been living in foster care since 2018.

Her exact age is unknown, her vet puts her between 6 & 8 years. She currently lives with another dog & a cat. There is an older child in her family.

She has been spayed.

She broke her leg in 2018 and has a plate. She has a canine missing from her lower jaw which makes her tongue loll as seen in the picture. This doesn’t trouble her at all.

She is a confident, sociable dog but has a fear of thunder and sudden very loud noises. She will hide when she hears these noises & has wet herself in fear in the past. This needs to be taken in to consideration when you make your application.

She suffered a physical & emotional trauma in 2018 from which she has recovered. The incident does not appear to have had any lasting psychological effect on her.

She is toilet & leash trained.

Ayse will be available from mid January.